Bully Ray Addresses Roman Reigns’ Remarks From WWE SmackDown

Bully Ray has pointed out a major problem in Roman Reigns’ recent segment on “WWE SmackDown,” where he seemed to take a shot at Seth Rollins and his world title.

The Hall of Famer, on a recent episode of “Busted Open” touched upon a line that Reigns said on “SmackDown,” where he seemingly downplayed Seth Rollins and his title reign. The line in question, where “The Tribal Chief” mocked Rollins for not getting “a pop,” could work against WWE as per Ray. Dangerous territory, dangerous territory,” said Ray on Reigns stating that Rollins got no reaction from the crowd.

Bully Ray

The Hall of Famer, Bully Ray

He also discussed Reigns calling Rollins’ World Heavyweight Championship the “loser bracket title” because Reigns had beaten everybody who had competed for that title. Ray didn’t find fault in those comments, highlighting how Rollins had also said derogatory remarks about Reigns on “WWE Raw.”

“Was he lying?” asked Ray about Reigns’ comment about the World Heavyweight Championship being the No. 2 title to his Undisputed Universal Championship. “No, he’s not. He beat everybody. It was created for certain reasons. Roman is talking about that championship and being derogatory towards that championship the same way Seth was being derogatory when he spoke to Cody about Roman’s championship.”

Host Dave LaGreca argued that most people thought that the World Heavyweight Championship was the secondary title at first, but WWE and Rollins put in the work to establish it, which, he feels, was erased by Reigns’ disparaging remarks about it.

Bully Ray

LaGreca also added that Cody Rhodes, who has stated time and again that “finishing the story” means defeating Roman Reigns, cannot go after Rollins’ title following Reigns’ comments about the World Heavyweight Championship. Bully Ray, though, disagreed and said that “The American Nightmare” can pursue Rollins’ title now and later try to win Reigns’ Undisputed WWE Universal Championship.


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