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Jackie Matubia says Marriage is NOT a scam

Jackie Matubia

Actress Jackie Matubia, despite experiencing two failed marriages, recently shared advice in a video emphasizing that marriage is not a scam, and women should aim for fulfilling relationships.

The top Kenyan Celebrity, Jackie Matubia emphasized that despite the societal stigmatization of single mothers, they are just as valuable as any other woman or girl and should not be judged unfairly.

“I’m a very proud mother of two and I feel like society….you diminish mothers and single mothers. I am no less than any other woman, or any other girl out there.”

Jackie Matubia

She also encouraged single mothers to prioritize self-love and the well-being of their children before considering any romantic involvement with a man.

The award-winning actress further stressed that this advice is relevant to all women, irrespective of their marital status.

I am a proud mother of two girls and my focus right now is on my babies and building an empire for them cause hao hawatakutoka na hakitakuramba. 

Jackie Matubia also elaborated that regardless of her being in two unsuccessful marriages, she is not bitter about it and she is still a believer.

Jackie Matubia

Jackie Matubia also talked about how marriage is a beautiful institution and anyone advising that it’s a scam is misleading, and ladies should not settle for less.

I want to teach my girls that it’s fine if marriage ikikukataa, that’s not the end of the world. marriage is amazing, marriage is a beautiful institution by the way. msiwai ambiwa its a scam. marriage is a beautiful institution. but again I say communication.

Respect those are things that you can’t play alone with, it has to be a two-way traffic. So if your partner is not giving you, please don’t settle for less.

Source: Mpasho

In More News: Watchman Arrested Embakasi Gas Explosion Case

Law enforcement officials have apprehended a security guard connected to the Embakasi gas explosion, which has resulted in the loss of three lives and left over 220 individuals injured. The arrest was carried out by DCI detectives shortly after being granted a 48-hour window to probe the incident.

Police have indicated that the watchman was responsible for guarding the premises where the gas-laden truck, which subsequently exploded, was stationed. However, the DCI has yet to disclose the charges against the watchman, whose identity remains undisclosed.

According to reports, two mechanics have also been implicated in the incident, with residents alleging that they ignited the fire that triggered the explosion. Concerned residents claim to have detected the smell of leaking gas around 10 pm while the mechanics were attending to a broken-down vehicle nearby. Fearing the consequences, they purportedly cautioned the mechanics against jump-starting the vehicle, as sparks could potentially ignite a fire. The whereabouts of the mechanics remain unknown, pending investigation by DCI detectives. Read More

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