Key points about Nairobi Senator Edwin Sifuna

Nairobi Senator Edwin Sifuna’s TV appearances are gaining significant traction as he captivates Kenyan audiences in intense debates with his colleagues. His latest appearance occurred on February 1st, where he debated Tana River politicians Danson Mungatana and Farah Maalim on Citizen TV’s Daybreak segment with Trevor Ombija.

The discussion became heated, particularly regarding Sifuna’s remarks about President William Ruto. Edwin Sifuna suggested that Mungatana was attempting to portray Opposition legislators as disengaged from parliamentary debates, citing Mungatana’s decision not to listen to President Ruto during the 2022 presidential debate at the Bomas of Kenya.

Edwin Sifuna is currently trending on X (formerly Twitter) as Kenyans highlight his exceptional knowledge and fiery debating skills, suggesting that he has no match in the arena of debates.

Edwin Sifuna
Edwin Sifuna – Source: X

“My brother Mungatana was trying to paint a picture of us in the opposition as people who don’t like to participate in debates. And he’s trying to conflate my decision not to sit there and listen to Ruto’s remarks during the presidential debate,” Edwin Sifuna said.

Here are some key facts about Edwin Sifuna:

Age: 37 years old; born on May 22, 1982
Profession: Lawyer; Partner at E. Sifuna & Associates Advocates
Political Role: ODM Party Secretary General; Deputy Minority Whip in the Senate of Kenya
Educational Background:

Kakamega Township Primary School: 1988-1995
Musingu High School: 1996-1999
University of Nairobi: 2001-2005
Kenya School of Law: Post Graduate Diploma obtained in 2007

Source: Mpasho

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Police have indicated that the watchman was responsible for guarding the premises where the gas-laden truck, which subsequently exploded, was stationed. However, the DCI has yet to disclose the charges against the watchman, whose identity remains undisclosed.

According to reports, two mechanics have also been implicated in the incident, with residents alleging that they ignited the fire that triggered the explosion. Concerned residents claim to have detected the smell of leaking gas around 10 pm while the mechanics were attending to a broken-down vehicle nearby. Fearing the consequences, they purportedly cautioned the mechanics against jump-starting the vehicle, as sparks could potentially ignite a fire. The whereabouts of the mechanics remain unknown, pending investigation by DCI detectives. Read More

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