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Sarah Hassan Responds To Edwin Sifuna Kalasha Confession

So a day after Nairobi Senator Edwin Sifuna confessed his affection for the former Zora actress Sarah Hassan, Sarah made a reaction to his comments on IG. This is after she was tagged on the story by a friend to which she reacted on her Insta stories by laughing it off.

Just in case you are not aware of what we are talking about. This is what happened. While attending the Kalasha Awards over the weekend the senator confessed that he has had a long-time crush on the actress.

In fact, he admitted that it was the only reason he agreed to grace the event. “Nilikuwa na kiu sana cha kukutana na mwanadada mmoja ambaye amenisumbua roho miaka mingi. Anaitwa Sarah Hassan,” he said. But unfortunately for him, Sarah Hassan wasn’t even in attendance. And one lady in the crowd got the room laughing when she screamed out, “Sisi ndio tuko,” in response to Sifuna.

Well, Sarah has not taken the senator’s comments with much weight which is understandable considering that the beautiful actress is already out of the dating market as she is already married.

The beauty who is best remembered for her memorable role in the high school hit show Tahidi High as Tanya, disclosed in her past interview that she met her now husband Dale in a gym.

Hassan in an interview with Kalekye Mumo said that they bumped into each other at the gym situated at the ABC place, Westlands, and started dating.
“We dated for a while. So one day we were to go to an event and the apartment we used to live in had a restaurant.
“So he suggested that we have a bottle of wine, so we go in and am wondering, there was a nice set up at the table we were going to use, is there something? Are there people who are supposed to be here?” Narrated Hassan.

The two were set to attend an event only for them to end up in a restaurant where Martin proposed. The two got married in 2017 at an exclusive event at the Karura Forest.

 Sarah Hassan and her husband have been blessed with a son who was born in March 2019.

Despite interest from her fans, Sarah Hassan has kept her baby away from the public. Sarah Hassan shared her pregnancy journey with her fans on her Instagram account. Here’s how she announced it.

“Baby Dale on the way. We are so grateful for the little bundle of joy growing inside me. Pleasantly reminding me every day that I’m not alone. You are incredibly loved.”

 As for Sarah Hassan’s baby name, the actress just used her husband’s name Dale to refer to her son.

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