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Robert Alai Calls Influencers Useless Idlers

So as the world cup is going on, there has been a lot happening, and among them is how different betting companies have been flying various influencers whom they have been working with to Qatar to have a world cup experience.

Now that is something that has not been seating well with Kileleshwa Member of County Assembly Robert Alai.

In one of his social media posts, Alai bashed the betting companies for flying the influencers whom he termed as useless idlers to Qatar. Instead, Robert was of the opinion that the betting companies could have at least taken the national football team.

“Betting companies should have taken leading sportsmen to Qatar and not bundle a bunch of useless idlers to joyride. What if the whole Harambee Stars and Starlets were taken by them to Qatar?” he wrote.

Among the content creators and influencers who have been to Qatar courtesy of the betting companies are; Terence creatives, Mungai Eve, Butita, YY, Awinja, and Muthoni Wa Kirumba.

His sentiments were backed by many Kenyans many of whom argued that the betting companies could have as well awarded some of their customers with trips.

Alai has always been at the forefront of critiquing things in society when they are not right. Just recently he was involved in an exchange of words on Twitter with fellow politician Oscar Sudi.

The drama started when Alai linked Sudi to an article in one of the daily newspapers where it is alleged that one Kenya Kwanza lawmaker extorted from the contestants who lost in the general elections with the promise of linking them to other state jobs.

In his tweet, Alai suggested that the alleged lawmaker was Oscar Sudi to which the lawmaker responded telling Alai to report the matter to the investigating agencies if he was sure it was him.

“So what? Kindly report the matter to any nearest police station. Do you think I am that cheap? I cannot succumb to your petty blackmails like those whom you’ve threatened to a level they’ve put you on the payroll. You cannot extort me, my friend. Never,” he wrote.

He also got in bad books with nominated Senator Karen Nyamu after he warned newly elected woman representative Linet Toto to steer away from the company of Karen as she will spoil her.


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