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Jovial Addresses Her Relationship With Willy Paul

Jeraha hitmaker Jovial has finally revealed the ins and outs of her relationship with fellow musician Willy Paul.

In a Q&A session on Instagram Jovial has revealed that their relationship was nothing but business. She went on to say that they both benefitted from the clout and it was all over.

The two a few weeks ago came out to their fans as a couple before releasing a song together shortly after. Many fans saw it as a clout-chasing scheme that was going to eventually die down but even after releasing the song weeks later they still acted like they were dating until now when Jovial has cleared the air.


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The two musicians sparked wild internet rumours with many suggestive snaps together back in September/October. But only weeks after they dropped their hit collaboration song LaLaLa which featured a video of them getting married, they seemed to grow apart. They haven’t been seen together in public again.

Fans don’t appear surprised with jovials’s revelation as one fan would comment,”Kwani bado kuna Mtu anasema this two were dating? 😂😂 It was just a Showbiz to Sell Pozze’s Song La La La featuring Jovial. Na after ngoma ilitoka one week jovial akafuta all photos and videos they took na pozze. But Kwa pozze bado ziko coz the song was Pozze’s Business 😂😂🤪.”

It all started back in July, Pozze confessed that he couldn’t wait to get the sultry Mombasa-based singer under his sheets. This happened after Jovial posted a teasing pic of herself. The 28-year-old Gospel-turned-secular music singer left a thirsty comment under Jovial’s post saying, “Wewe nikupata nakukula na ugali ya ushago aki.”

Later in another post, Pozze changed tact and stepped up his game with an aim to romance Jovial slowly into his hands. “Maybe I should come slowly jaber. If you know me well then you know how much pride I got in me.. so for me to come here and ask you out aaaaaaih. Just say yes!”

But none of Pozze’s approaches bared any fruit. Jovial came out to comment on Pozze’s behaviour and where he went wrong. On an Instagram live session, the Jeraha songstress had this to say to Pozze: “Buda, listen: I’m different. Sasa ukitaka mtu, that’s not the way to go about it.”

But something must have changed behind the scenes because Jovial later warmed her heart to the idea of dating Willy Paul.

Jovial later noted how her overall numbers had rocketed ever since she hooked up with Willy Paul. And even though she had made great music with other big artists before, she had never gotten as much play and online interaction as she has in the past few weeks. She lamented whether what people really want is good music or gossip.


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