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    Watch: Bishop Johanna causes a stir after controversial healing ritual

    A viral video featuring Akorino preacher Danson Gichuhi, popularly known as Bishop Johanna, conducting a controversial healing ritual has stirred widespread debate and condemnation.

    The footage shows the preacher applying ointment on a female congregant’s stomach.

    Addressing the accusations in an interview with Kururia TV, Bishop Johana defended his actions.

    He explained that the woman in question sought divine intervention for her marital troubles.

    Allegedly abandoned by her husband, she approached Bishop Johanna for intervent, traveling from Nairobi for this purpose.

    Bishop Johana stated, “When she came, I saw she was troubled. I told her the name of the woman her husband had left her for. She then asked me what she should do.”

    Bishop Johanna

    Additionally, he claimed the video captured a deliverance session, where he was casting out demons.

    “I was doing deliverance in that video. I was casting out evil spirits from the woman, and they spoke to me.”

    Emphasizing the efficacy of his approach, Bishop Johana insisted on the necessity of applying anointing oil directly to the affected area.

    He further maintained that his intentions were solely to help the woman in her healing journey and easing the pain she had around her stomach area.

    “You do not do deliverance for someone with stomach problems by applying oil on the head. You have to apply the anointing oil where the pain is.”

    That woman told me her problem was in the stomach area, and that’s why I was rubbing oil on her stomach. I had no bad intentions,” said the bishop.


    Bishop Johanna addresses critics

    Despite facing criticism, Bishop Johanna asserted that he has successfully performed similar deliverance services for numerous followers without any issue.

    He defended his character, highlighting his role as a married man and father who collaborates with his wife in ministry.

    In response to critics, the bishop suggested that those condemning his actions fail to grasp the spiritual significance of his work.

    “I have a wife, I have children, and I have a lot of things. So those complaining about how I was performing my deliverance are my enemies,” he said.

    He argued that followers seeking deliverance require physical contact without malicious intent and compared his actions to individuals going naked in clubs without reproach.

    Public uproar

    Despite Bishop Johanna’s attempts to defend his actions in the controversial healing ritual video, he faced widespread condemnation.

    Many Kenyans argued that it was gross and that he touched the woman inappropriately in the name of healing.

    For instance, Edward Onyaro remarked, “Did you know that deliverance doesn’t need physical contact? I thought you should know.”

    Another user, Mbugua Anna, castigated that preacher, saying, “Total nonsense. In the next interview, ask him if he would want his daughter to experience that or any of his close family, and then he will understand.”

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