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Man Killed by Hyenas in Nairobi

Shock as a Man Killed by Hyenas in Nairobi… Wildlife authorities discovered the remains of a man who had been fatally mauled by hyenas while investigating a series of attacks by these animals in Nairobi, Kenya.

Near a university adjacent to Nairobi National Park, one man was killed and two others injured in an attack, prompting student protests demanding enhanced safety measures.

The Kenya Wildlife Service reported on Tuesday that they found partial remains of a man during their investigation into an attack on 21-year-old engineering student Kevin Mwendwa, who suffered the loss of his thumb in the incident. The victim, identified as Anthony Pasha by his relatives, was gathering firewood when the attack occurred.

What happened – Man Killed by Hyenas in Nairobi

“The hyena came, it attacked him, chased him from the forest, put him down here,” Kaaji Lesian, the victim’s cousin, told The Associated Press. “He left his firewood exactly where you are seeing them … down there.”

Mr Mwendwa, the injured student of the Multimedia University on the outskirts of Nairobi, said he was attacked by a hyena late Monday on a road that borders the Nairobi National Park in Ongata Rongai. The students of the university held a protest on Tuesday and blocked streets, prompting the police to use teargas to break the demonstrations.

“The university is not safe because we are near the national park,” said Ochieng Kefah, a student at Multimedia University, who was among the protesters. “The government should, maybe, put some restrictions on the movement of the animals.”

The wildlife service said they had put down one of the hyenas and its carcass was being examined to determine if the hyena had rabies or other diseases. They are also working to identify whether there are hyena dens around the university.

Hyena attacks on the outskirts of Nairobi have become rampant in recent years and even forced the authorities to issue guidelines on how to escape when confronted by the animal, as the border on the southern part of the Nairobi National Park is not fenced.

“If faced with a hyena, do not move away until it does and continue facing its direction. Be loud, look aggressive, and appear frightening to deter the hyena,” the wildlife authorities said in January. It was after a 10-year-old boy Dennis Teya was mauled to death by a hyena despite efforts by the officials to track down killer animals around the area after persistent hyena attacks.

Source: Independent

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