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Shakilla’s shocking body count


Maybe she has now surpassed the number she disclosed 2 months ago! Well-known Kenyan socialite Shakilla stirred up fresh controversy by disclosing her shocking body count during an interview with a local blog.

During the interview, Shakilla was questioned about rumours suggesting her body count was higher than five.

“How do you know I have more than 5? I do not know my body count. If I start counting, I will run mad,” Shakilla nonchalantly responded. But when the host asked whether her body count was closer to 100 or 1000, Shakilla slyly responded, “Are you talking about this year or the years before that? This year alone, it’s safe to say I’m below 150.”

In a conversation with a local publication, the young socialite, renowned for her opulent lifestyle, unveiled her inclination to exclusively date affluent men capable of sustaining her extravagant tastes.


With an air of self-assuredness, she declared, “I’m not looking for wealthy men. Rich men are looking for me.”

Shakilla elaborated that she had certain financial expectations from her partners to support her lavish lifestyle. She also said a staggering sum of $400 (approximately Sh60,000) is the minimum she anticipates from her partners for daily expenses.

Notably, this financial expectation is distinct from any monetary considerations related to transportation or other services.

“I expect $400 (Sh60,000) from a man. That’s just for my upkeep. I’m not even referring to him chauffeuring me around. I require Sh60,000 just to get by,” Shakilla said.


In a previous conversation, Shakilla made clear her aversion to dating Kenyan men and her preference for Nigerians. Her criticisms of Kenyan men included accusations of stinginess and a lack of aesthetic appeal.

She also cited the romantic nature of Nigerian men and their prowess in the bed, while noting that most Kenyan men are married, which complicates matters for her.

Her audacious approach to dating and her financial expectations from wealthy partners have drawn both intrigue and criticism.

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