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Edwin Sifuna lands deputy whip role in Senate as Azimio lash rebels

Nairobi Senator Edwin Sifuna has landed a new leadership role in the Senate as Azimio la Umoja Coalition cracks the whip against rebels.

The ODM party announced on Wednesday that Sifuna will replace deputy Minority Whip Ledama Olekina who now becomes the Minority Whip.

Isiolo Senator Fatuma Dullo was kicked out as the Minority Whip.

In November 2022, Dullo and Sifuna were engaged in a bitter fight over an alleged plot to kick out the Isiolo senator from the House leadership.

Sifuna disclosed a plan to remove Dullo from the plum position on grounds of alleged “greed and gross incompetence”.

“From what she has done, her conscious should direct her to resign, otherwise, we are going for her,” Sifuna said then.

The ODM secretary general accused Dullo of incompetence, saying the busy office required a dedicated and competent person.

“She has proved it herself [incompetence]. She is grossly incompetent from the way she handled the affairs of that office. She has to go,” Sifuna said.

Dullo said that even if she is kicked out, the position would not go to any other party within the coalition as it is a preserve of Jubilee.

“He (Sifuna) is used to arm-twisting and gang-attacking people. Let him try that elsewhere. He is bitter with me because he wanted that position and mzee [Raila Odinga], denied him,” she said.

Dullo has become the first victim of the purge by Azimio leadership against members who visited State House last week.

The senator was among 32 Jubilee MPS who vowed to work with President William Ruto in his Kenya Kwanza government.


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