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Hamisa addresses Allegations That Diamond Is Not Her Baby Daddy

Hamisa Mobeto

Diamond’s baby mama socialite Hamisa Mobeto has been accused of lying about the real father of her son Dylan.

Hamisa and Diamond were rumored to have been in a secret affair when the singer was married to Ugandan socialite Zari. Their chemistry is said to have ignited when working on Simba’s song Salome where Hamisa was the lead vixen.

Their relationship led to a child, Prince Dylan. After the kid was born, things went south and their relationship broke. Yesterday rumors were circulating that Dylan was not Diamond’s child but instead was fathered by Billnass. Billnass is now singer Nandi’s husband, the couple held a grand wedding few months ago.

Hamisa has taken to her socials to address the rumours saying:

“Sipendi mtu aongelee mtoto wangu, na wala sijawahi elewa kwanini watu wazima wanakaaje chini wanaanza kumuongelea mtoto wa miaka tano kama walikuwepo wakati anapatikana.

Sidhani kuna siku nimewahi kumtafuta mtu nikaomba msaada wa kumlea mtoto wangu, tafadhalini sana naombeni mumuache kijana wangu hamjawahi ata kumuona live.”

Hamisa has angrily asked her critics to keep her child’s name away from their mouth saying only a mother knows the real father of their child and that they should stop speculating about who the father is.

“Yaani mtoto wangu nyie ndo mumpangie baba? Hakuna mwanamke asojua baba wa mtoto wake ata siku moja. Labda huko kwenu nyie ndo tabia zenu, mnikome na mkome na mtoto wangu.” The mother of two said.

Some Tanzaniana have suggested that Zuchu paid people to expose her saying it weren’t true.

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salomelamba: Hapo mpoki amelipwa na zuchu ili amuuzi hamisa kwakuwa alikuwa na bby dady wake kidimbwi majuzi zuchu kaona wivu kamlipa mpoki ela ili amseme mwenzie😢😢😢😢 nimehisi tuu lakin

cassie_official2:@mariemarie8794: nadhn kweny kile kpnd gn cha efm cha jion cha kina mpoki waliongelea fumbo fln hv kuhus hamisa thoo hawakumtaj jina ila mwelew lzm aelew

monicake397: @lynahrichie: ila mpoki kasema ukweli yaani Dylan kafanana na Billnass 🙌

For so long Dylan has been rumoured to be Diamond least favorite child. Could this be why?

Reasons Dylan Is Diamond’s Least Favourite Child

If one was to carefully look at Diamond Platnumz’s life, one would think that the Tanzanian superstar was only a father of two.
They would be wrong. The man has four kids, two with Zari Hassan, one with Hamisa Mobetto and one with Kenyan musician Tanasha Donna.
Yes, despite having all those kids, Diamond has made it a point to heavily celebrate only two of them this year.
Those two are, Tiffah and Nillan, the kids he shares with Ugandan socialite Zari.
This trend of him favouring the kids of the South African based, Zarinah will come as no shock to anyone. In fact, Chibu went all out this week sponsoring Tiffah’s birthday week, with no expense being spared.

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Moracha Doreen

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