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Producer recounts events leading to Nollywood actor Junior Pope’s death

Jnr Pope

Adanma Luke, the producer to Nollywood actor Junior Pope Odonwodo popularly known as Jnr Pope has recounted what transpired before his death.

The producer took to her social media to explain how events transpired before the tragedy.

“On April 10, we lost five actors who were on their way to a location through the means of boat transportation. They later had an accident. I have been so traumatised. This whole thing still feels like a dream to me. I wish I could still wake up from this dream,” she said.

Adanma said she was also supposed to be on the same boat.

She had been called to bring a memory card so that the others could start filming but she had told them to go and collect it.

The others however declined saying, “You know this place is far, please bring it for us.”

Adanma noted that she later agreed to take the card.

Jnr Pope

“I got ready to go drop the card. I was accompanied by my brother’s children, two kids that were supposed to go with me. We were supposed to be on that boat together.”

Getting there, she said she saw Emeka, Director of Photography but did not see other people.

“He was just sitting. I was surprised because I didn’t see others. I asked him what the matter was and people surrounded him, Emeka was quiet,” she explained.

“I was like, Emeka talk to me, what is it? What is the problem? Where is Ogolo? Where is everybody? Has JP come? He was still quiet. I started shouting about what was happening and it was at this point that he said JP is dead, Abigail is dead, Friday is dead, Precious is dead,” Adanma said.

The producer said she was informed that “Dem dey inside water.”

After that, she insisted on being let go and ensuring the divers were looking for them.

However, she was told there were over 15 divers already in the water looking for them.

“My director told me he did not know what happened. He was in a life jacket and Emeka too was in a life jacket. There was still one life jacket available and they do not know who took it,” she said.

Adanma said she had been informed that life jackets were hanging there and one of those on set had been asked to give Junior Pope one.

“Junior Pope said it was dirty or so, so he did not take it,” she said.

The producer noted that those with life jackets survived and informed her that when they were in the water, Junior Pope was also there asking if everybody was okay.

She explained that a gallon was thrown to him to use and hold himself and after a while, they could not see him again.

It was when they came out that she said they noticed he was no longer there because divers had come and rescued some of them while other divers were still there trying to rescue others.

In a story published by the BBC, hours before the accident, the 39-year-old actor had shared a video of him and four others on his Instagram page travelling to the movie location on a boat.

He was heard expressing concerns about the lack of safety measures and praying for a safe journey.

Junior Pope has acted in more than 150 Nollywood movies and is best known for playing roles of a criminal, villain, a bodyguard and a hitman.

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