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Rugby Star Dennis Ombachi Celebrates Wife’s Birthday


Rugby star Dennis Ombachi has celebrated his wife’s Svetlana birthday in style.

The self-taught chef is popularly known on social media as the roaming Chef for his admirable cooking skills where he uses his popular cliche ‘done’.

Ombachi and his wife Svetlana Polikarpova have two adorable kids, Ombachi loves including the in his skits and promotional adverts for a variety of products on his socials. Svetlana is a Zumba instructor and health enthusiast and maintains a low profile.

Ombachi celebrated his wife by saying:
“You have brought life into this world. Today, I will not only be celebrating with you but also thanking you for being such a wonderful woman who gave birth to our kids and allowed me to be a father. Thanks for everything.”

Ombachi and his family are in Diani celebrating their birthday, if the photos on his socials are anything to go by, her wife must have had the best birthday of her lifetime. From enjoying the sandy beaches to delicious Swahili dishes.

Ombachi had previously announced that he would be taking a mandatory absence from work to care for his young family. He claimed that because he spent the majority of his time traveling and had no time for his young children, his wife did not want him to play again. He continued by saying that he did not want to miss out on this important time for her kids. Since then, he has dabbled in influencing and content creation.

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Dennis believes that having children has been the most gratifying and rewarding experience of his life. As a result, just as his father was to him, the social media influencer hopes to set a good example for his son.

Dennis is among the unlucky people who have found themselves under KOTs wrath over poor parenting.


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Rugby Star Dennis Ombachi Mercilessly Attacked After Throwing His Baby Into A Swimming Pool (Video)
A video showing Kenyan rugby star and food content creator Dennis Ombachi throwing his son into a swimming pool has elicited mixed reactions from social media users.

Taking to Twitter on Monday, July 11, Ombachi revealed that his son had been taking water safety classes and he wanted to see if he has grasped anything in the four weeks that he has been learning.

In the clip that the former Kenya 7s player shared, he is seen throwing his son into a swimming pool and he lands face down.

After some seconds, the boy turns and faces up. Ombachi stated that he is a proud father because his son can now play around the swimming pool without him (Ombachi) having to worry about his safety.

The video sparked mixed reactions from netizens most of whom could not help but wonder why Ombachi had to subject the boy to such torture.

Some even asked the authorities to take away his children because his actions show that he is mentally unstable.However, others noted that such lessons are necessary and it would ensure that the baby does not drown if they slip into the pool accidentally.


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Celebrated Youtube couple Kabi and Milly Wa Jesus are today celebrating their five years wedding anniversary, and the Wa Jesus being wa Jesus, had to celebrate in their own style.

Kabi wajesus

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