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Tips: How to stay safe during protests

Recently, Kenyans have found themselves willing or unwilling in situations where protests are happening.

As protesters take to the street to demonstrate against Finance Bill, it is important to keep safe to avoid getting hurt.

Peaceful protest is a way of exercising your human rights but it is against the constitution if it turns violent.

But how do you keep safe during such times?

It is important to keep tabs on your phone or any gadget by checking for updates on social media, according to Article 19, a publication by human rights organization that works to defend and promote freedom of expression and freedom of information worldwide.

By following what is happening on social media, you will know if there is a police presence for protection or if the protests have turned violent.

You will also decide on which road to use if there are travel disruptions.

When you participate in a demonstration, research whether the protest represents your values.

Knowing about the demos will prevent you from being a part of a disorganized, problematic, or unsafe event.

If you are participating in the protest, you should carry water in case teargas are lobbed at protesters or they need to hydrate.

For ladies, avoid tying your hair in a ponytail if it is long. A long ponytail will present the would-be attackers with an easy target to pull you back.

It is, however, advisable to tuck your hair into your shirt, wear a hat, or tie it into a small bun.

It is also important to carry a small towel or an old T-shirt in case you are struck with tear gas.


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