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Okiya Omtatah takes President Ruto head-on over Finance Bill

Busia Senator Okiya Omutatah on Sunday went bare-knuckle on President William Ruto regarding the Finance Bill 2023.

Addressing the interdenominational prayer service graced by the president at Busia Stadium, Omtatah told the president not to be misled by a clique of his allies that the bill was good for Kenya.

His address came after a host of leaders defended the Bill and expressed commitment to support it once it lands in Parliament.

But in his speech, Omtatah told the President to his face that the Bill is not good for Kenya adding that it is violating some aspects of the Constitution.

“The Finance Bill has both good and bad things therein. Let not these people here lie to you that everything is fine. The negative things therein, many go against the constitution,” he said.

“Let people not fool you here, let people not deceive you. There are issues in that Bill where even the Supreme Court has pronounced itself that ought to be honoured,” he said.

Omtatah said he finished reading the Bill on Friday and further asked the President to relook at the aspects that violate the law.

He said failure to do so, he will move to court.

“You are my friend Mr President but the Constitution is a bigger friend to me.”

“I plead with you, I have already prepared a petition to go to court. But when I heard you were coming to Busia I did not file it last week. I held on. I pray that we relook at this Bill. If we can avoid fighting in court it would be good as it is bad for friends to fight,” he said.

The Senator also weighed in on the Housing Fund debate saying it is not the first time it is being pushed to Kenyans.


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