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Eugene tells Ruto to fight high cost of living not Mama Ngina

Former Defence CS Eugene Wamalwa has castigated President William Ruto for harassing former First Lady Mama Ngina Kenyatta over taxes.

The former CS said there is a lot that needs to be fought but Ruto has misdirected his energy to fight to the former First Lady.

“You promised to fight to lessen the cost of living if elected President. We want you to stop targeting Mama Ngina Kenyatta,” he said.

“Badala ya kupigana na Mama Ngina, pigana na njaa ili bei ya chakula ishuke, pigania wazazi karo ya shule ishuke (Instead of fighting Mama Ngina, fight hunger for cost of food to go down, fight for affordable school fees).”

Wamalwa pointed out that other African countries have over the years respected their former First Ladies and wondered why the Kenya Kwanza regime was disrespecting Mama Ngina.

“What kind of a country are we to disrespect such an honourable woman as Mama Ngina?” he asked.

“If I were Leonard Mambo Mbotela I’d ask… Je huu ni ungwana? Ruto wachana na Mama Ngina.”

On Monday last week, Ruto said some people who wielded power in the past used state instruments to exempt themselves from paying taxes.

He, however, did not mention any names but his remarks appeared directed at the Kenyatta family.

He said going forward, he will not allow tax exemption under his watch.


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