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Musalia Mudavadi on why 2027 polls will be a walkover for Ruto

Prime Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadi has told Kenyans to prepare for another President William Ruto win in the 2027 State House race.

Going by his interactions with the head of state from the time he joined his administration as Prime Cabinet Secretary, Mudavadi said Ruto will win the presidential race again in 2027.

He said the Kenya Kwanza administration is rolling out an elaborate plan that aims at reaching out to key leaders across Kenya as the country moves towards 2027.

Leaders in the opposition, he said, should feel free to join Kenya Kwanza.

Mudavadi was speaking in Busia on Friday when he met the Western Council of Elders officials.

The meeting was also attended by Busia Governor Paul Otuoma, MPs Geoffrey Mulanya (Independent) and Geoffrey Odanga (Matayos), 2022 Busia gubernatorial contender John Bunyasi and a host of MCAs.

It was held at former Labour Minister Philip Masinde’s home in the outskirts of Busia town.

“My brothers, my elders, I want to tell you this, don’t be cheated. Ruto will not be the person to be defeated in 2027,” the former Sabatia MP said.

“So, we must adjust quickly. I want to be honest with you, let us adjust so that our strength, if it is 20 per cent or 30 per cent now, we want by 2027, as he (Ruto) wins, we want our strength to be 50 per cent.”

In a message apparently directed at ODM leader Raila Odinga, Mudavadi told the gathering there was no need for residents of Western to continue supporting leaders outside the region who have never shown interest in backing presidential candidates in the populous electoral zone.

“If you want me to be strong in this government and you want your other brothers and sisters who are in this government to be strong, then you must help us because you cannot continue strengthening your neighbour at the expense of your own,” Mudavadi said.

“We have done what we can to help others but there is also a time to say my brother we scratched your back, it is time for you also to scratch our back.”

His call came at a time when some leaders from Western joined Raila in calling for mega rallies across the country to denounce the administration of President Ruto which Raila says is illegitimate.

Among leaders at Raila’s camp are former Kakamega Governor and ODM deputy party leader Wycliffe Oparanya and former Defense Cabinet Secretary Eugene Wamalwa.

The two were among re-known leaders in the region who joined Raila during the Kamukunji rally in Nairobi on January 23.

Mudavadi said part of Ruto’s strategy to winning the 2027 polls will entail reaching out to specific leaders wielding authority in their regions.

“I have spoken to the President and we have agreed that we have no option. We cannot be static, we must reach out and we must work with everybody because we want 2027 to be a walk over, and to get a walkover, we must reach out,” the former Finance Minister said.

In another message directed at Raila, Mudavadi said the government, had already been constituted and there will be no magic in reversing that.

“Let us talk with our friends. Let us get together because there is no reverse gear. You will only have an opportunity when it will come to 2027, but right now you cannot engage a reverse gear,” he said.

He called on residents of Western to support President Ruto’s government for that is the surest way the region can benefit from the current administration.


He said the Kisumu-Busia highway is an artery whose potential should be tapped for the benefit of the region.

“It is an artery for the entire East African Community region with a population of over 300 million people. Our primary responsibility is for us to look for ways of coming together and find what we can lobby for and push so that this road can have a dual way so that we are sure we are moving forward,” he said.

“We want to be able to know that when a trailer passes here, it will only take ten minutes or less and the trailer has been cleared and the economy is moving because we are losing a lot.”

Rehabilitation and expansion of the highway are among Governor Otuoma’s primary priorities.

Otuoma said for the Western region to achieve development there is a need to look beyond politics.

“Even though some of our people are going through pain, it is indeed not our wish but for us to realise meaningful development, the painful action has to be carried out now,” the governor said.

The county chief said for development to be realized, leaders must constantly dialogue.

Mulanya and Odanga concurred that there was a need for leaders in the region to closely work for the purposes of springing-up development in the region.

Masinde assured Mudavadi of his willingness to bring together leaders in the region to champion a common goal that will subsequently have a positive economic impact for Western region.

Elders who attended the meeting were drawn from the five counties.

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