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Suspect arrested as gun stolen from armory recovered in Kiminini

One of the two suspects who escaped from a police cell and stole a rifle from an armory has been rearrested in an operation in Shikhendu, Trans Nzoia County.

The AK47 rifle he stole from the Shikhendu police armory loaded with 14 bullets was also recovered.

Police said Daniel Wanjala Sindani aged 28 who was one of the escapees from Shikhendu police station was arrested on Friday evening in an operation.

He was found with the rifle which he and another missing suspect stole from the station.

The move prompted authorities to detain two officers who were on duty when the incident happened on January 26.

Local police said the arrest and recovery were made through a collaboration between members of the public and government officials.

A hunt on Samuel Wafula Barasa who was among those who escaped is ongoing, police said adding two bullets were missing.

Two cops were Thursday arrested after the firearm was stolen from the police armory.

This was after the two suspects who were due in court for stock theft also broke out of their cells and escaped with the AK47 rifle loaded with 14 bullets.

The police constables had left both the report office and sentry unmanned leading to the escape of two suspects from the cells at Shikhendu Police Station, Kiminini Sub county, Transnzoia county on Thursday between 3 am and 5 am.

The two officers told their supervisors they left the station “briefly” to their houses which are within the station police lines, police said.

When one of them came back at about 5 am she discovered that the two prisoners had escaped.

The two broke the wooden ceiling before cutting through iron sheets and jumped into the report office where they broke steel box armoury and stole one AK47 rifle.

The gun was loaded with 14 rounds of 7.62mm.

It was a coincidence the two officers had both left the station at the same time.

They then dashed out unnoticed through the station’s main door which was not locked, police said.

The suspects had been charged with offence stock theft.

The two had stolen two cows that were recovered and were due to appear before the court on Thursday, January 26.

A search was mounted to rearrest and recover the stolen firearm in vain. Police authorities said they are investigating how the incident happened and promised action.

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