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Ruto tells CSs and PSs to protect interest of Kenyans first before anything else

President William Ruto has urged Cabinet Secretaries and Principal Secretaries to protect the interests and resources of Kenyans who pay taxes.

President Ruto who was speaking during the CSs retreat in Nanyuki and urged them to know and understand that they have a contract with the people.

“The people of Kenya went to the ballot and signed a contract with me which I share with every one of you(CSs),” he said.

“The contract may not be written on any paper but you have a contract with me—your letter of appointment.”

The Head of State told the CSs that the letter of appointment has responsibilities and those responsibilities are solemn and sacred.

“The contract we have with the people of Kenya is solemn and sacred and my request to you CS and PSs is that we must protect the interest and resources of the millions of Kenyans who pay taxes,” he said.

He asked them to have Kenyans’ best interest at heart before they sign any contract as the citizens look up to their expertise.

“Before you sign any contract, as you work with anybody that comes to work with government, your position must be informed by the interest of the people of Kenya,” he said.

“People who do not have ties, some of them do not even have shoes, some of them cannot get beyond the watchman, they cannot hire a lawyer, those people are the ones who have hired us, we are their servants, advocates so in every contact and transaction we must protect their interest and carry their aspiration.”

He added their work must be reflected in every action of the government.

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