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Kiambu Governor Wamatangi: My life’s in danger and graft cartels after me

Kiambu Governor Kimani Wamatangi has claimed his life is in danger after receiving threats from graft cartels in the county.

Wamatangi spoke on Sunday after a mass service at PCEA Ndarugo in Gatundu South.

He said individuals including county employees whom he barred from dipping their hands in the county coffers have been sending him threatening messages.

“I blocked them from enriching themselves using public resources. They have now resorted to threats and intimidation, warning that they will come for my head. I will however not been cowed by their threats. I will not allow the cartels to thrive under my watch,” Wamatangi said.

The governor blamed some unscrupulous county employees who he claimed were colluding with unknown individuals to pilfer public coffers.

He claimed that some of the employees despite earning hefty salaries were still out to loot public resources.

“Some of these people are earning up to Sh250,000 per month and still they are devising ways to enrich themselves with public resources. This won’t happen while I am the governor. I will end this despite their threats and intimidation,” Wamatangi said.

The county chief said as a result of his move to close loopholes through which money was being lost, for the first time in six years the county does not owe its workers any money.

“They are saying that if I survive their plot on my life, I may end up in court but I will not be shaken by anyone and will continue to safeguard the welfare of Kiambu people. I am working for the interests of Kiambu residents and I am here to safeguard their resources,” he said.

He vowed to streamline operations and ensure the huge Sh7 billion debt he inherited is cleared and that there are funds to finance development activities.

At the same time, Wamatangi said his government has moved to contain the cholera outbreak which has so far claimed at least three lives in the county.

He attributed the spread of the disease to shortages of water in some areas like Gatuanyaga in Thika East subcounty and some public occasions in which people hire catering services from Nairobi where the food served is contaminated.

The governor said there are plans to increase the supply of water in Thika, Juja, Ruiru, and other areas in order to mitigate the shortages and help check the spread of cholera.

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