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‘If I lose I move on’: President Ruto to Raila on anti-government demos

A light moment was witnessed at Safari Park Hotel during the launch of NCAJ Inaugural annual report.

President William Ruto, left many in stitches after he called out Law Society of Kenya President Eric Theuri who took him to court over the appointment of PSs.

“I am pleased to see my friend Eric Theuri who took me to court when I made some appointments, I am happy he is not threatening to organize some demonstrations because he did not win the case,” he said.

Ruto said it is okay to take the government to court, saying he has no problem.

“If I lose I have no problem, I move on to next. It means I was wrong, nobody is an angel all of us can be wrong or right,” he said.

The President seemed to be chiding ODM leader Raila Odinga over his plans to hold mass action protest on Wednesday.

Raila said December 7, will mark the start of a series of consultations on the state of the nation, following the petition to oust four commissioners.

“We want to ask Kenyans if they are happy with the way things are happening,” he said.

The Azimio leader said the first rally will be held at Kamukunji Grounds, Nairobi and the second will be held at the same venue on December 12.

Ruto said his administration will not block the Azimio leader from going to the streets, so long as the demonstrations do not morph into destruction of property.

“I have asked Interior CS Kithure Kindiki to ask Azimio to give him their schedule of demonstrations, so that we can provide enough security. They can demonstrate everyday, once a week, every month,” he said.

In other news – Akothee threatens to take legal action trolls

Akothee has threatened to take action against bloggers tarnishing her name.

Akothee said she had accomplished a lot but people choose to only concentrate on how many men she has dated.


“It has come to my attention that Kenyans have been looking for me. I am here and I’m here to stay,” she said.

“You wake up in the morning, and the first thing you come to is my page. You do not even have a life that’s why you are always gossiping about mine. Akothee this, Akothee that….Oh, role model, Akothee has many husbands, body count.” Learn More

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