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Kenyans don’t listen to my music as much as outsiders, says KRG

Musician KRG says Kenyans don’t listen to his music as much as outsiders.

Speaking to Word Is, the singer said he doesn’t sell his music locally “because people don’t do streams. The biggest consumers of my music are people in the US, Europe then Kenya. Out there is where the money is”.

The flamboyant singer also said he has many businesses where he gets his money from.

“I have businesses in almost every sector in this country. I’m in real estate (own properties), transport business, I sell cars (several yards), and finally, I’m in the music business. I’m also a brand ambassador of several brands. And a mini-partner in other businesses,” he said.

“If I was a criminal, I could not be here doing this interview, I could be behind bars.”

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