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Kenyans ‘loot’ unga from overturned lorry

Traffic came to a standstill the better part of Friday morning as Kenyans helped themselves to ‘free’ maize flour from an overturned trailer.

The loaded lorry overturned on Mombasa Road near Ole Sereni Hotel just after the Southern Bypass, leaving bales of unga at the mercy of passers-by.

The accident, though unfortunate to the owner of the trailer, appeared somewhat heaven-sent for those at the scene.

It was a scramble for the fittest as pedestrians and motorists carted away bales of unga to waiting cars and boda bodas while others walked with the stolen load on their shoulders.

In a video shared widely on social media, some boda boda riders are seen loading up to four bales of unga on their motorbikes before speeding off.The ensuing melee created a light traffic snarl-up on the road as people crisscrossed the busy highway with their ‘loot.’

Unga prices in the country are currently retailing at over Sh200 after the new administration did away with the food subsidy introduced by former President Uhuru Kenyatta.

The subsidy introduced in July saw unga prices drop to Sh100 in what Uhuru said was to cushion vulnerable families against rising cost of living. “This programme of a subsidy of approximately Sh105 per 2kg pack of maize meal is meant to lower the cost of living for vulnerable households as we look for a sustainable solution to the recurrent rising prices of unga every election,”Uhuru said while announcing the subsidy on July 20.

But in his inauguration speech shortly after taking oath of office on September 13, his successor William Ruto removed food and fuel subsidies saying they were unsustainable and had failed to serve their intended purposes.

Source – Star

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