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Singer Juliani: Yes I’m broke, but far from being poor

Singer Julius Owino popularly known as Juliani has admitted to being broke.

In a video seen by the publication on Wednesday, Juliani said he was broke but still far from being poor.

He explained that the problem that he is facing has been occasioned by the move to use his money to fund his projects without donors.

“In the last three years, I’ve been putting my money into everything I’ve done. I don’t have sponsors, I don’t have investors, I don’t have anything. I’ve kept a little bit of my money for that,” he said.

The rapper hinted that he even took several debts in an effort to complete some of his projects.

He also revealed that the financial challenges he is currently facing have caused him to miss the time to be with his son while thanking his wife Lilian Nganga for understanding him.

“I can’t find time with my son now because I’m struggling here and there trying to pay the debts I took to fulfill several things that I promised myself to fulfill. I’m very grateful to my wife (Lilian) for understanding what I’m trying to do,” he said.

Juliani, however, noted that despite facing financial challenges, he is not yet bankrupt as he can still meet essential needs.

“If you see me struggling, I’m not doing it all for myself. I’m fine, there’s a roof over me, I can feed myself but I have my dreams,” he said.

He mentioned some of his resolutions are creating 10,000 jobs, providing loans to artists, and releasing more music. He said that he has given himself 10 years to fulfill the dream he has for his community.

“The money that I have been investing for the past five years has not brought profit yet,” he said.

He also expressed his dismay at people making fun of his current condition and asked them to stop.

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