Nadia Mukami and Arrow Boy receive surprise gifts

Bubbly couple Nadia Mukami and his youthful better half and musician Arrow Boy were yesterday 11 September 2022 hosts to guests they were not expecting to receive in what came out to be a surprise visit and gift from their circle of friends. The friends who caught the family unaware carried with them gifts including but not limited to diapers, and t-shirts for the young boy, the mother. Nadia and father, Arrow, a cake for celebrations among other items as could be seen on the clip the young mother shared on her Instagram post. Kai looks like he was born with a basket full of all the things he would have needed as he grows up as the mother says the visitors she receives almost bring everything her son needs adding that she has never bought diapers.


“Yesterday after my rehearsals, Team Nadia surprised me with gifts for Haseeb Kai! It’s amaz

ing how since Kai was born I have never bought Diapers and he turns 6 months in a week!!! He’s such a Favored boy. Thank you, Team Nadia,” the award-winning musician said on her Instagram.


The couple who made public their engagement in August 2021 welcomed the first fruit of their union about six months ago this year by the name Kai.

Source – pulse

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