Why Diana Marua is taking music break

Just months after launching her musical career, Bahati’s wife, Diana Marua has suspended her musical career for her to focus on her pregnancy as she awaits delivery, which is a few months away if the size of her tummy is a thing to go by.The mother of two revealed her doctor had booked her for a normal appointment, only to be met by the grand surprise. While speaking during a joint interview with Eve Mungai and Nicholas Kioko, she said that she was shocked to see Premier Gang group members arrive at the hospital.Diana revealed she was depressed after learning she was pregnant with the third child, expressing that she wasn’t ready for the pregnancy and her fear was going through another distressing pregnancy after her past two pregnancies.The lively 33-year-old celebrity revealed that her pregnancy journey has been amazing but a tough one saying she was depressed after learning she was pregnant, thanking her support system. She says that each day comes with different experiences but the hope that she will soon be free and a mother motivates her to move on.

“One Minute I’m happy, the next I am feeling chocked up. It’s a cocktail of emotions, I can’t explain it. Knowing that I’m about to see your cute little face, play with your tiny little fingers, and latch you on my nipples every day as I watch you grow and admire you the whole time, is so unreal,” she said on her insta stories.diana

Diana says she can’t wait to see and hold her baby and see how the siblings will receive the new-born.

“I’ve recorded your kicks in my mind, hoping to never forget this feeling, it’s just a matter of time and I’ll have you in my arms. I can’t wait to see how your brothers and sisters will receive you. They’ve already booked their roles and it seems like Mummy and Daddy will have limited time with you. You are so blessed to have the best and most selfless caretakers, siblings, aunties, and cousins in the world,” she adds.

The two love birds have recently been off screens, an unusual pattern for two persons who were a regular fixture on screens and social media for bad and good reasons alike.

Source – pulse

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