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Huddah Monroe getting married to a Tanzanian man

Socialite Huddah Monroe is getting married soon. Speaking in an interview with Tanzanian media, Huddah said she is dating a Tanzanian man.

“Very soon, I’m dating someone in Tanzania,” she said but refused to reveal who the man is.

Huddah flew to Tanzania on Saturday to meet Juma Jux but denied they are dating.

“Jux is a very good-looking guy, and I know there are some women from here in Tanzania who are feeling very bad that, ‘Oh, Huddah has come’. Maybe they have a crush on him and have been wanting a chance with him.”

Huddah insisted she and Jux are only friends despite rumours the two are an item.

“Jux and I are just friends. If it does come off like we are dating, I’m sorry, but you can’t expect to control any man and what he likes,” she said.

“More importantly we are business partners. We have been doing business for a very long time. It’s just that we have never put it online that we are business partners.”

Huddah is currently selling her cosmetic and beauty items at Jux’s store.

The two have publicly been displaying their affection on social media.

During the interview, Jux expressed his support for her lipstick brand by kissing her as the media watched.

“Whether you are friends or lovers, I find it important to support each other’s business, and that’s why Huddah and I support each other’s dreams and ambitions.”

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