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Ainea Ojiambo planning to marry

Veteran actor Ainea Ojiambo is planning to marry next year. Speaking to Buzz Central, Ojiambo said the pandemic and elections stopped his initial wedding plans for more than two years.

Ojiambo said being single comes with the advantage of effectively executing his multiple roles in different TV shows.

“I am in two productions and two movies,” he said.

“It’s crazy for me, and the last weeks have been mad because I have to be in four different characters. I have to prepare at night. If I had a wife, I would not have prepared, but now because I am alone, it’s easier.”

In the ‘Igiza’ series, Ainea plays a role of a chief prison guard who is obsessed with Linda, an inmate cast portrayed by popular thespian Serah Ndanu. This is not the first time he is acting alongside Serah.

He said working with Serah before made it easy to play explicit scenes in the ‘Igiza’ film.

“The directors had the thought that it would not be easy,” she said.

“I have worked with her like four times. I worked with her when she was just 18 years old, and it was a crazy scene. The second time was in ‘Sumu la Penzi’ and when she was portraying my younger wife in ‘Noose of Gold’.”

‘Igiza’s first episode premiered yesterday on Showmax.

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Neomi Nganga

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