Getting to know Instagram Hottie Dominique Chinn – pictures

Social Media platforms like Instagram have become a blessing for several personalities as through these platforms, several people have gained a lot of popularity. Dominique Chinn is one of those people who have gained a huge fan base. The curvaceous model now has over 2.7 Million followers on Instagram alone and has somewhat become a brand across all social media platforms.

Dominique Chinn
How is your Monday?

Besides being a huge social media sensation, many people do not know much about Dominique Chinn but we have a few information and pictures that will get you to know her much better.

Dominique Chinn
What’s your favorite color?

Who Is Dominique Chinn?

Dominique Chinn was born and raised in Houston, Texas, the United States of America, in 1989. Talking about her childhood, not much is known, but looking at this model, we can guess that she might have a pretty decent early life fulfilling needs efficiently.

Dominique Chinn
Imma need you to come in so I can ask you some questions.

Dominique Chinn

Dominique Chinn
Too much?

She is definitely worth every penny! See more from her Instagram…

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