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Police in Busia impounded 13 vehicles with foreign number plates

Police in Busia in collaboration with a multi-agency team have intercepted and impounded 13 vehicles with foreign number plates operating within Busia town. Busia Deputy Sub County Police Commander Stephen Kimunya said the crackdown also netted vehicles with diplomatic number plates.

“We have inspected those vehicles to find out whether they are registered in Kenya, failure to which we impound them,” he said, adding that they have seized a total of 13 vehicles since the operation began.

He urged local residents to ensure that they register all vehicles bought from foreign countries, adding that the government was losing revenue through unregistered vehicles.

‘These vehicles can also be used by criminal activities including terrorism so they are a threat to the country’s security,” he explained.

The officer further said that the nationwide exercise will continue until all vehicles with illegal number plates are wiped out.

Christine Maliti, a customs officer, also reiterated that such vehicles are a threat to national security since their database can only be found in foreign countries.

Maliti explained that the amount of revenue lost can be calculated through the vehicle’s capacity and the number of years after the manufacture.

Source: KBC

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