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Hannah Githuki: Don’t let elections stall your vision

Branding coach Hannah Githuki will on February 5 host an all-white Vision Board party at the Trademark Hotel, Village market.

As a corporate trainer, she said this year’s edition will be life-altering. Previous editions were attended by corporate heads and notable celebrities.

“Don’t allow this being an election year in Kenya to be another excuse as to why you don’t live by vision. Remember, challenges will always be there,” she said.

“Vision Boards have helped me overcome great odds and I look forward to sharing this with guys.”

She said Vision Boards are a powerful personal development tool, designed to help professionals focus, pursue and achieve their goals. “Vision Boards have inspired and motivated the likes of talkshow legend Oprah Winfrey, comedy king Steve Harvey, and queen of showbiz Beyoncé to achieve great things,” she said.

“When one looks at images, the brain tunes itself to see opportunities that otherwise might go unnoticed.

“Through a process called value-tagging, your mind imprints important things onto your subconscious, filtering out all unnecessary information. Because the brain absorbs visual references better, a vision board works far better than a to-do list.”

As part of the build-up to the Vision Board party this year, Hannah Githuki is holding visionary leadership discussion panels.

“Positioned as a celebration of visionary leadership both at a personal, corporate, communal and national level, our Vision Board parties have inspired leaders, professionals, and corporate heads to reach new heights.”


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