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Mulamwah and ex-girlfriend Sonie broke up while 3 months pregnant

Mulamwah and Sonie

Mulamwah and his ex-lover Sonie broke up last year when she was three months pregnant but kept it a secret until they welcomed their baby.

In a recent interview with Mseto East Africa, the father of one shared details about their unsuccessful relationship.

He said at first, his lover left and she came back, and that was when he also decided to leave.

“That time she wanted to live happily and expensive, and a lot of other factors contributed to our break-up,” he said.

Mulamwah insisted they both decided not to say the main reason they parted since some fans would make fun of it.

“They will even make fun out of it when you are indeed suffering. We have families and some of our relatives are church leaders and the more we talk, the more we continue hurting them.”

He added that nobody pushed him to walk out of that relationship. They are still friends.

“We talk about important issues alone and I do so much for her, I still manage Carrol Sonie, pay bills for the baby, and seal deals for them,” he said.

“Society has judged me wrongly. We separated even before the baby was born. We had decided early. When she was three months pregnant. I am a nurse and I know the importance of taking care of a pregnant woman. That is why we brought the news later.”

He said the reason they announced their breakup is that the relationship was public.

“There were valid reasons. I have physiologically been affected but I will not say the main reason we broke up just to make people happy. They can troll me but let them know there is a lot behind the scenes.”


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