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What gaming trends will we see in 2022?

The gaming sector is a huge part of the global economy and each new generation of games makers and players pushes back the frontiers of what we thought possible.

Right now, gamers are able to play their favourite games with others around the world, and some of this same technology is being used in other areas, such as online casinos, enabling casino customers to enjoy roulette, blackjack and other casino classics in a virtual world without leaving the comfort of their home. Some casinos offer free casino bonuses that many users enjoy to buff up their initial deposit.

With new ideas and technology coming online all the time, we can look forward to further innovations and new experiences in the online gaming world, starting in 2022.

The continuing evolution of mobile gaming

One of the biggest growth areas in the global economy is mobile gaming, a sector that has exploded in recent years. After 10 years of rapid growth, the mobile gaming industry accounts for almost half of gaming activity and revenue. In the US alone, the mobile gaming revenue figure for 2020 was an astonishing $25.2bn.

We can expect gaming companies and software developers to focus more on mobile gaming throughout 2022, as the success of games such as Genshin Impact and Call of Duty: Mobile have shown that the full AAA gaming experience can be attained on mobile devices.

The revolutionary impact of cloud technology

The arrival of cloud technology has launched a new era in which gaming is increasingly operating to a service model, reducing the amount of hardware that gamers have to buy to play their favourite games.

One thing that has slowed the spread of cloud gaming is the standard of internet technology. To avoid lagging and other problems, you need a fast internet connection, and the faster the better, given the technology that is incorporated into some of the latest games.

For years, 4G has served us well, but 5G represents a big step forward, offering networking capability that is multiple times faster. Some estimates suggest that 40% of the world will be using 5G by 2024, and 2022 is expected to see a major spread of 5G availability, making it possible to play ever more complex and graphically demanding games through the cloud, as well as drastically decreasing update times.

Welcome to extended reality

The concepts of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) have been around for many years, but now there is another reality-bending idea to get your head around extended reality (XR). This technology is able to offer deeper immersion, creating a virtual world from nothing, using your existing surroundings while simultaneously generating new elements.

This has obvious applications in the world of work, for training, retail and for estate agents, but it offers huge promise for gamers. We have already seen successful XR games such as Star Wars: Squadrons and No Man’s Sky and we can look forward to many more XR titles in 2022.

User-generated content

Reboots and re-imaginings are popular in the movie world and they are becoming increasingly common in the gaming world, a trend that is expected to continue in 2022.

Remaking classic games offers the opportunity for developers to take a successful original and add in the best of modern graphics, mechanics, sounds and other features to bring them up to date and relaunch the games for modern audiences. Two of the most successful examples are the remake of Resident Evil and Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Remastered. Each successful reboot is likely to encourage other developers and we could find that repurposed classic games become a feature of 2022.

Development of social gaming

Social gaming has become something of a buzzword in the gaming industry, but it has really taken off in 2021 and it will be exciting to see where this trend goes in 2022.

By social gaming, we mean the inclusion of features such as chat facilities, guilds and multiplayer rounds, which enable people to enjoy their favourite games together, something that has been particularly important during the intermittent isolation of the last two years.

This social gaming trend goes back to games such as Animal Crossing, and its latest incarnation, New Horizons, which proved wildly popular when released in 2020. We can expect games developers to become ever more ingenious in their use of social aspects in gaming, perhaps including such elements as user-generated content in a more formal way than it is employed currently. Modern gamers are more likely than previous generations to see gaming as a social activity and game developers are responding accordingly.

source – News365coza

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