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Kilifi ODM leaders urge Raila Odinga not to be blackmailed

Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) leaders from Kilifi County have urged party leader Raila Odinga not to be blackmailed by other parties to allow new parties that have formed a coalition with the Orange party to field candidates in next year’s general elections.

The leaders who seemed to be targeting the newly formed Pamoja African Alliance party (PAA) associated with Governor Amason Kingi told him to reject any proposals to let the other parties hold the ground as the area is still an ODM stronghold.

Malindi Sub County ODM Vice-Chairman Nixon Muramba who is also Kakuyuni Ward Member of County Assembly said they are confident that the Party is going to sweep all the seats in Kilifi county and assured Raila that everything was okay on the ground.

Speaking during a meeting to receive ODM supporters who were shifting camp from other candidates to Kenneth Karisa Mulewa one of the ODM aspirants in Malindi constituency he said those telling him they would support him for his presidential bid but would field candidates at the county level should not be entertained.

“We are telling Baba not to be blackmailed by political parties who tell him they would support his presidential bid but field their own candidates on the ground that, that is unacceptable,” he said.

Muramba said in Malindi constituency they were threatened to Join PAA and move out of ODM but they rejected and vowed to remain in the party because it is the most popular party and stronghold for Raila.

So far, he said two MCAs from the constituency have ditched ODM and are supporting PAA and there are only three who are in ODM.

The ODM Vice-chairman in Malindi said nominations for ODM will be free and fair in Kilifi County as those who were causing c0onflicts had moved to other parties.

Muramba said Kilifi North MP Owen Baya and governor Amason Kingi were the ones who were behind the unfair nominations and were now in UDA and PAA respectively.

He said in the 2017 General Elections Baya imposed candidates to the party in Watamu and Tezo wards who lost because the people wanted the other candidates who were kicked out.

“ODM is not as clean as cotton and we assure all aspirants Karisa and others will be subjected to free and fair nominations free and whoever wins will be fully supported to ensure Baba goes to statehouse with his soldiers on the ground,” he said.

“I would like to assure members of ODM in Malindi and Kilifi County at large that the party is strong and is not shaken because all is possible. I say that because the party is under attack, they have been brought up by the party and now they have turned against the party but we are telling Baba not to worry and celebrate Christmas and new year without any worries,” he said.

The majority leader of Kilifi County Assembly Kadenge Mwathethe said any president must have the majority of Members of Parliament or else it will be easier to be impeached and emphasized that Raila should ensure he wins all seats in Kilifi County to have numbers.

He said ODM must field candidates everywhere to ensure his government will have MPs who will champion his agenda.

“I have been a majority leader and the leader of government business in the county assembly so you can’t be a president and fail to have a leader of government business in the house it is very dangerous and I Know Baba knows it,’ he said.

On his part, Mulewa said he was happy to receive ODM supporters who had shifted from other camps in his favor.

He said currently they have taken over as the new generals of ODM in Malindi and Kilifi County and will ensure Raila garners the majority votes in the oncoming general elections.

“We will not be shaken by anyone even in the Military generals retire and new ones come in stronger than the previous ones so we are the new generals and are strong and will stand with the party to ensure it remains firm,” he said.

Source: KBC

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