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Search for miner enters second week

The search for one miner who is still trapped in Abimbo gold mine has entered its second week. The family of Tom Okwach is still camping at the site, with hopes that their kin will be found alive.

On Tuesday, family and friends of Jacob Onyango, a survivor of the December 2 tragedy held celebrations at their home in Malela, Rarieda sub-county.
Caren Adhiambo, Onyango’s mother said it was a miracle that her son alive after the horrific incident.

“Even as we celebrate, we are still holding prayers for the family of the miner who is still trapped,” said Adhiambo.
With the big crowd that had gathered at the site fading away and operations in the nearby mining sites resuming, Okwach’s family now clings to hope and prayers.

Last week, the Anglican Church of Kenya Mothers Union conducted prayers at the site and donated some foodstuff to affected families.

Even though there is scanty information about the state of the trapped miner, rescuers are racing against time to save Okwach, who was among the eight miners trapped while mining last week.

Until five days ago, the rescuers said they were communicating with Okwach through a pipe that was also used to pump in oxygen.

Source: KBC

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