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Rev Natasha: Love is about 2 imperfect people

Prophet Stanley Carmel with Rev Lucy Natasha

City preacher Rev Lucy Natasha said yes to Prophet Stanley Carmel in an invite-only event held at Boma Hotel on Saturday night.

The flashy event brought together their friends and family members dressed in Indian wear with a shade of red and white.

Natasha declared that she said ‘yes’ to Carmel.

“My love Carmel, may the rest of our life’s journey together will be filled with God’s grace, blessings, provisions, protection, and guidance,” she wrote.

“We shall continue to serve God and bless humanity.”

The Oracle of God preacher previously shared pictures holding hands, and would then minister together at her church.

Carmel is a low-key man of God, having a smaller number of followers on social media platforms.

Rev Natasha first introduced her man to the public in December 2020.

Speaking to MC Jessy on YouTube, Natasha said it had taken long for her to get into a relationship.

“It has taken a long time but by the Grace of God, I can say I am in a good relationship,” she said.

Jessy then asked her whether the man had met the qualities she was looking for in a man. She said nobody is perfect.

“I am also not perfect but this is the person God has ordained for me. He is a friend and love is about two imperfect people coming together,” she said.

“This man, I feel like he is the perfect person. He is someone I can talk to if I have something good I need to share. When I am in a struggle, this is the person. I don’t want to talk much but he is a good man from a different continent.”

She said the only challenge they had is coming from different continents.

“The greatest challenge is that we are in different countries and dynamics are different, but we are trying to navigate and love win,” she said, adding that her man has the calling of God and is a man in the corporate world but he has no church.

“Yes, he is rich, but I am also a bazu and I am not a gold-digger but a gold carrier.”

-The Star

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