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Here’s why Alfred Munyua left ‘Mother-in-Law‘ show

Alfred Munyua

Actor Alfred Munyua, better known as Swapo for his role in the ‘Mother-in-Law’ drama, says it was a hard decision to quit the show.

In the show, Swapo acted as one of Charity Mwamba’s workers.

Munyua told Buzz Central fans misunderstood his cheeky character.

“Fans used to take things seriously. I could meet people and they are like, ‘Wewe mbona unasumbua huyo shosh’.”

He said he left the show and stayed jobless for more than a year. He decided to quit the show to find his purpose as Alfred Munyua, and not Swapo.

“I just felt like it was time. It was a very good look, but at some point when you feel that it’s no longer challenging, there is a newness that I lost because I could not even tell how the show is going,” he said.

“It has been 10 years but people still call me Swapo, even after all things I have done. I just walked away, guys called me, called my mum. It was a hard decision to make.”

Munyua played Nairobi Metropol Police lead detective alongside actress Sara Hassan as Silas and Makena in the ‘Crime and Justice’ film.

Having been in the industry for more than a decade, he said he had been waiting for a role like Silas for years, and the complexity of his character makes it even worth the wait.

“The acting and passion for creating was so inside me. I don’t despise journalism, but I feel more at home with creating and mingling with filmmakers and breathing life into them,” he said.


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