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Comedian Chipukeezy wants to marry 7 wives like his grandfather

Comedian Chipukeezy

Vincent Muasya, alias Chipukeezy, says he is taking after his grandfather in marrying many wives.

Speaking on Instagram Live with the publication, the comedian made public his intention to marry seven wives, saying it is hard for a man to find many qualities he wants in one woman.

“I will be like my grandfather, he had seven wives. I have realized the qualities I want in a woman are many, I will need to have many,” Chipukeezy said.

“I want to have seven just like my grandfather. I understand him, it was hard to find the right qualities. I need to marry many women, seven wives.”

The comedian said he is not in a relationship currently, but there are different qualities he would love in a woman.

“I would just love someone who is reasonable, who knows beautiful ones have not been born, peaceful and also supportive,” he said.

Chipukeezy emphasised on the need for an African man to be a provider.

“Women were created to be protected by us. That is why we work so hard so that when you get a wife, you house them, you are not supposed to be housed.”

The comedian is currently on a tour in the US. He shared his big plans to build a state-of-the-art library in his private primary school.

He has mobilized fellow comedians from Nigeria to join him in the cause. They have started a fundraiser and its groundbreaking will take place next year.

The library will be constructed at St Martins De Porres Primary School in Tala, Machakos county.

“When I started doing stand-up comedy, I promised myself to build a school in my home village and I built it. I decided to use comedy to grow the school and now I’m growing it,” he said.

“Next year, my brother Mrpatricktv and Mcpccomedian will be flying to Kenya to build the library! I can’t wait to welcome you to my country to show you my village and meet the kids.”


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