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President Uhuru successor divides Mt Kenya think tanks

President Uhuru Kenyatta

As the debate rages on who should succeed President Uhuru Kenyatta as the Mt Kenya kingpin, a tug of war has erupted between influential political think tanks from the region who are pushing to position a city-based politician and a vocal leader of a political party as possible running mates. The consensus among those who met at a prestigious city country club was that a woman from the region should be propelled to the position of Deputy President come 2022. At an exclusive meeting attended by Mt Kenya bigwigs, a segment of well-heeled and influential individuals from the Gema community argued that a fresh face would be most ideal. Some of those in attendance pushed for Narc Kenya leader Martha Karua. However, others appeared to favour the city female politician.

A Jubilee elected MP was recently embarrassed during a visit by a team of top government officials to his constituency. The team was inspecting government projects implemented by an agency that the legislator has been critical of. A source who was in the entourage told Corridors of Power that when the MP showed up at the event accompanied by hangers-on, no one, including his neighbouring colleagues, seemed to bother about him. Not only was he not allocated a seat at the dais, but he was also denied an opportunity to address the gathering. After the event, the man disappeared into thin air leaving his supporters wondering.

A section of board members of a state parastatal is regretting a recent decision that has set them up with a top official of their parent ministry. Corridors understands that the board members relied on advice from a powerful businessman who wields power in government circles to take on the ministry official who is equally connected to the powers that be. A bird in the know says the businessman has gone missing, leaving the board members of the critical agency with branches across the country scratching their heads on how to get out of the mud. So distressed are the board members that they are now said to be scouting around for an emissary to talk to the powerful and highly connected ministry official.

A while back, Corridors told you of a web of cartels comprising county officials from the Coast region scheming on how to grab specific ranches legally allocated to certain individuals. Corridors has now been informed that at least a dozen officers in Nairobi and the coastal county are under the radar of investigative agencies for tampering with ownership documents of some ranches. One of the officers implicated in altering and expunging key documents in files associated with the said ranches has deployed agents to keep an eye on anything related to the attempted crime.


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