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This is why most musicians’ marriages fail

Singer Kidum

Singer Kidum says music destroyed his first marriage. The Mapenzi hitmaker is married to his second wife.

Despite their failed marriage, Kidum and his first wife are on good terms and are co-parenting.

Talking about the mistakes he made in his first marriage, Kidum said the music business breeds a lot of jealousy.

“Most outsiders will always want to know, how is it that someone can sing like this and who is this person’s wife? Some will think that by invading your wife, they can take away your talent,” he said.

“Then some women think they can steal an artist from their wives. So those are the things we go through.”

The veteran singer told Churchill that a female fan was all over him at an event in Kigali in 2010.

“There’s a lady who removed her wedding ring and put it on my finger. She went on to announce on radio that she had divorced him.”

Asked what he did after that, Kidum said he left as he had a wife.

“Where would I have taken her to yet I was coming back to my family in Nairobi? She should have sorted out her issues with her husband.”

Kidum said he was going through a tough time in his love life when he wrote his famous song Mapenzi.

“Until today, you cannot understand love. When you start dating, you are happy but once you disagree you start calling each other names. Mapenzi imeshinda ata pastors na waganga.”


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