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Nimo Gachuiri: Mr Seed is faithful to me

Nimo Gachuiri and Mr Seed

Nimo Gachuiri, the wife of gospel artiste Mr Seed, says her husband is not a cheat.

On numerous occasions, Mr Seed has been called out by different women claiming to have been in a s.e.xual relationship with him.

Speaking to Word Is during the launch of #BlackChildTheAlbum, Nimo said Seed has no one else.

“He does not need to explain himself to people out there. I know the important stuff and that’s it. He is dating me and not anybody else. He is perfect the way he is.”

Asked why she and her husband no longer post photos of each other on social media, the mother of one said they are on a break.

“We have dated and posted each other till we had our baby. Since we decided to take a break from sharing our photos, we have had immense peace and calmness,” she said.

“I have been my happiest during this period. When you post you are happy is when people want to destroy it. Our love keeps getting strong. It’s been hard but I am loving it. When we decide to come back and post, we will.”

Mr Seed said his enemies are at work to fight him through his family.

“I am a family guy and there are very few people who wish one well. Your enemies look for something to attack you with. It’s hard for us because the whole family is in the limelight.”

He added that when the family is in the limelight, people will tend to be negative.

“We decided to hold off and work on ourselves. The main reason is stories are going around and they have been affecting us, but God has been there for us. In this life, if nothing is going wrong, then you are on the wrong lane. The day I post my wife, I do it out of my own volition.”

Seed described his album as his best work yet.


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