Everything you need to know about SA Powerball

History of SA Powerball

The National Lottery was introduced to South Africa on 11 March 2000 and the first Powerball game in South Africa was played on October 23, 2009. 

Ithuba is the National Lottery operator in South Africa since 2015. Powerball rules were adapted in November 2015 and the Powerball Plus game introduced. Since then players can choose 5 main numbers from 1-50 and one Powerball from 1-20 for an entry fee of R5 per board, with more chances of winning. 

The top prize of the game is won by matching all five main numbers as well as the PowerBall but even if a player matches only the Powerball, he or she would win money.

How to play SA Powerball

SA Powerball tickets can be purchased in several ways, as long as a player is 18 years or older. 

Through a Retailer

Players can buy a ticket at any participating lottery store and follow these steps:

  • Pay and choose a Quick Pick option where the Lottery processing system randomly chooses the numbers OR
  • Find a Powerball betslip, choose and mark the numbers.
  • Take the completed betslip to an approved Lottery dealer and make the payment. 
  • A single PowerBall play cost R5.00 and a single cost of PowerBall PLUS is R2.50.
  • You can play as many boards as you want.
  • You will receive a receipt with the chosen numbers printed.
  • Keep the receipt safe until the next draw to see if you have won a prize.
  • You can choose a Multi-Draw option to play the same numbers over multiple draws.

Online Providers

In order to purchase tickets online, players can follow these steps:

  • Register for an online account and sign into the provider site.
  • Choose the Quick Pick option OR
  • Pick the main numbers, the Powerball number and the number of rows to play. 
  • Select the option to play Powerball PLUS if you wish. 
  • Select the number of draws you wish to enter. 
  • Confirm the tickets and pay for the entries.

Through a bank

The SA Powerball can also be played through various bank apps or online banking portals that make provision for the service. The process is similar to that of purchasing from online providers but may differ from bank to bank.

How to claim a prize

Prizes won through a Retailer

Players who purchased tickets through a retailer can claim prizes of up to R2,000 from any licensed retailer by taking the ticket to the retailer and collecting the winnings. 

Players who have won between R2,000 and R50,000 can redeem their prize from an authorized payment centre like a post office.

Players that have won R50,000 or more, must fill in an official Prize Claim Form obtained from any post office and visit an Ithuba regional office to collect the winnings in person after the entry has been validated. 

Prizes won through an online provider

Players that have purchased their tickets through an online provider are notified and the funds automatically transferred to their accounts if it is less than R50,000.

For prizes over R50,000 players must complete the official Prize Claim Form and take it to a regional Ithuba office in person. The entry will be validated, and the player’s identity confirmed.

Prizes won through a Bank

Winnings of less than R50,000 of players entering through a bank are deposited into their account. For over R50,000, they must follow the procedure with validation and verification at an Ithuba regional office.


How can I find my nearest participating lotto retailer?

You can use a Store Locater on a participating online provider’s website to see a list of options closest to your location.

How long do I have to claim a LOTTO prize?

You have 365 days from the date of the winning draw to claim your winnings.

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