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Man kills lover, locks body in the house with her kids

Martha Waithera

Police are hunting down a man who allegedly killed a woman and locked her body and her two children in a single-room house at Lakeview estate in Nakuru town.

Martha Waithera, 33, is suspected to have been murdered on Monday night after a domestic row.

Her boyfriend, Moses Leparani, 35, went missing and the police are searching for him.

He is to be interrogated on what caused Waithera’s death.

Nakuru Town East deputy county commissioner Eric Wanyonyi said the body had physical injuries.

Wanyonyi said it was unfortunate Waithera was killed in the same house where the couple’s two children aged between 10 years and four months were.

The administrator, who was accompanied by DCI detectives, said Laparani’s disappearance was an indicator of culpability.

“The man was cohabiting with Waithera and was seen at the house on Monday evening. He should have reported the incident to the police, if it was a normal death instead of disappearing,” Wanyonyi said.

He decried the increased cases of homicide and asked people to dialogue instead of fighting and killing each other.

“It is unfortunate that this man decided to kill a woman who has been hosting him for three years leaving behind two very young children,” he said.

Wanyonyi said the body was discovered on Tuesday morning after neighbours heard Waithera’s 10-year-old son crying for help from the house.

Margaret Nyambura, a neighbour who is also a cousin to Waithera, said Leparani moved into the deceased’s house and they started living as husband and wife.

“The have been cohabiting for the past three years and I have never witnessed any fights. Both of them were engaging in different businesses in Nakuru town centre,” she said.

Nyambura said Waithera stopped working when she delivered four months ago and had been staying at home, while Leparani continued brokering dry maize.

The body was moved to Nakuru County Hospital Mortuary awaiting postmortem examination.


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