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Here is what really causes belly fat

Belly fat is a problem for many people. A lot of people’s self-esteem depends on how they look and if they are not happy with their bodies that affect how they present themselves. This is to a point where people come up with various remedies in an attempt to get rid of the extra centimetres.

According to Dr Katlego Mphelo, to deal with belly fat issues, first get to know the root causes of the problem.

Said the doctor: “The first and most important thing we do is neglect the fact that our genes determine our shape. The only thing we can control is our habits and what we do to enhance or fix whatever we don’t like about our bodies.

Dealing with many patients, I’ve noticed that some belly fat stays forever. There are different types of bellies and what may cause them.

Alcohol Belly: This type of belly fat isn’t flabby like hormone belly fat, but is bad, if not worse. Physiologically, booze slows down your metabolism and increases fat storage. It’s caused by excessive alcohol intake and can be avoided by cutting down or avoiding booze.) Stress Belly: The stress hormone cortisol can screw with your belly. The problem with cortisol istwo-fold.

First, the chemical makeup of cortisol causes the body to store visceral fat. Secondly, exercise, eating healthily and avoiding junk food can help.) Mommy Belly: A post-pregnancy condition called diastasis recti is to blame. The condition causes the abdominal muscles to separate, which can make the belly appear as if the woman is still carrying.

You need to see the doctor before attempting to fix this type of belly.) Hormone Belly: For both women and men, low levels of the primary hormones oestrogen and testosterone can lead to more fat being stored in the abdomen. Imbalances of either hormone being too high or too low can sabotage weight loss efforts.) Genetic Belly: This is when you have excessive belly fat. To keep it moderate, you need to strictly eat clean and exercise. This is the belly type you can’t fix.

Phindile Nkosi said she’s always been strict about what she puts on her mouth to get good results.

I’ve never had belly fat issues. Looking at how it stresses some people, I intend keeping my good eating habits intact.

“My take belly fat is that people should be comfortable and not be hard on themselves when they don’t succeed in beating their body fat.

Source: News365

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