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Marya Prudence: Parents took me in after marriage to Willis Raburu ended

Mary Irungu alias Marya Prudence

Mary Irungu alias Marya Prudence says her family took her back after she separated from her ex-husband Willis Raburu.

Speaking the publication, Marya said her parents are firm when it comes to the well-being of their children.

Marya is the firstborn. They are three siblings.

“My dad took me in when I was going through some hard times last year and told me ‘I just need you to exist and whatever you need I am here to give it to you,” she said.

Marya was going through the divorce process and healing from the loss of her daughter Adana.

“It was such an emotional period and by that time all I needed was therapy and just taking care of my mental health.”

“My dad took care of me and my mum made sure I ate and slept. She would cook everything for me and told me to stay with them.”

Her family is very close and being the firstborn, some decisions have to be passed through her before the other siblings.

Her parents are also not so strict to stop their children from having fun.

“Like for example, my dad bought me the first alcoholic drink. He introduced me to that.”

“He was like, when you are out with your friends, take this and this. You will feel a headache and so on.”

Marya said they all the siblings have different relationships with their parents.

“My brother and I look like our mum and our sister resembles our dad. My sister is literally identical to my dad in the way they think and even the way they do their things,” she said.

“My mum and I are twins the way we look but also I am like my dad in so many ways.”

Speaking about how open she was to her parents about relationships, Marya said her dad has never seen any of her exes.

“He just saw my ex [Willis Raburu] and it was when he was coming to ask for my hand in marriage,” Marya said.

“I would discuss relationships with my mum. When I was in primary school, he sat me down and told me, ‘Listen, I know you are beautiful and so if any man out there tells you that, tell them your mum and dad have told you that already.”


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