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Advisor to the Internal Affairs Unit needed immediately: APPLY HERE


Advisor to the Internal Affairs Unit needed immediately: APPLY HERE

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Creative Corrections has been issued a task order to recruit for a Full-Time ADVISOR TO THE INTERNAL AFFAIRS UNIT located in Nairobi, Kenya. This position will provide support to the Department of State and INL’s Office of Africa and the Middle East Programs (INL/AME).

CLOSING DATE: August 25, 2021
SECURITY CLEARANCE: Moderate Risk Public Trust (MRPT)
CITIZENSHIP STATUS: U.S. Third Country National (TCN), or Local National (LN).
EDUCATION: Bachelor’s degree in international relations, law enforcement, public policy, or related field.

The Advisor to the Internal Affairs Unit (IAU) will provide advisory services, mentoring, and training to the IAU with regards to its system of receiving, safeguarding, and conducting internal investigations of complaints against the police. The Advisor will also act as one of the IAU’s key liaisons between the IAU and the Independent Policing Oversight Authority (IPOA). The Advisor shall be embedded within the IAU.


Specific Activities
Assess the internal complaint-taking and investigative system for the IAU.
Review status of complaint intake and case assessment process, identify any design flaws and support implementation of changes. This includes an assessment of how complaints are received, tracked, and concluded.
Ensure the complaint management systems tracks and documents deaths and other violations allegedly caused by police officers reported through open source and sensitive reporting in addition to those complaints formally submitted.
Develop the relationship between IAU and IPOA, a process which should include:
Implementing a monitoring matrix for review of investigations in progress.
Creating and implementing a schedule of regular meetings between IAU, IPOA, National Police Service Commission (NPSC), and the Officer of the Director of Public Prosecution (ODPP) senior management, as well as members of the organizations, to discuss challenges; and,
Designing and implementing joint discussions/training for the IAU, IPOA, and ODPP on best practices for investigating police misconduct.
Update sections of NPS Service Standing Orders that invoke IAU practices and institute a procedure for regular future updates of Standing Orders as policies evolve. The review and update process should take place multiple times during the period of performance. The final review/approval will be a USG employee on any proposed changes.
Investigate the need for and design (if necessary) of the Memoranda of Understanding (MOU) with interagency partners to ensure formal communication and information sharing, including but not limited to the:

Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions.
Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission.
National Council on the Administration of Justice.
Attorney General (to deal with claims against Police).
Identifying additional units within the police service, such as the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) or the newly legislated National Police Service Disciplinary Board, that would also require formal arrangements to institutionalize cooperation.

Draft a comprehensive training plan for the IAU. This can include basic courses, induction courses, courses on the legal framework governing the IAU, courses on interacting with other members of the criminal justice system, intelligence gathering courses, and supplementary skills (‘enhancement’) courses for continued professional development.
Conduct a baseline survey to get feedback on processes and performance of the unit.

Recurring Activities:

Assess the IAU’s role in Kenya’s police accountability system and work with senior management to identify and prioritize areas for reform.
Provide expert advice, guidance, and leadership with regards to the design, development, and implementation of IAU regulations, policies, and procedures.
Evaluate IAU’s performance against criteria established in consultation with the Unit; excluding the confidential details of cases under active investigation.
Promote better institutional linkages between IAU and IPOA.
Coordinate with other partners giving technical advice and development partner-funded assistance to the IAU. The Advisor should inform the INL Director of this coordination, as well as any other work with any other potential partners.
Provide mentoring and on-the-job training of IAU officers by offering ongoing practical advice regarding receiving, assessing, and investigating complaints.
Design methodological and substantive response to reports critical of the NPS that invoke corrective IAU action for IAU and NPS leadership. Such requests may arise in response to notable incidents or trends in police practice. The final review/approval will be a USG employee on any proposed changes.
Design strategies on developing accountability mechanisms at the county level, reflecting the establishment of county-level IAU offices.
Supply INL with periodic, updated lists of operational assistance, equipment, and supplies required by IAU to fulfill their mandate, including but not limited to investigative forensic kits.
Participate in IAU sensitization (‘induction’) workshops for police officers to learn about the mandate of the IAU and the mechanics of internal investigations and provide feedback to participants.
Assist the IAU in the creation of a manual of disciplinary measures to be used against police officers as well as sentencing guidelines based on enabling legislation. The final review/approval will be a USG employee on any proposed changes.
Design and implement systems for:
Withdrawing a complaint against a police officer.
Managing vexatious complaints against police officers.
Issuing notices to police officers who are subject of complaint or under investigation by the unit.
Resolving complaints against police officers informally to protect the rights of the complainant.
Along with the final review/approval will be a USG employee on any proposed changes.

Design and implement the following policies and procedures for adoption by the entire National Police Service, such as:

Code of Conduct
Human Resources policy
Drugs and Alcohol policy
Whistleblowing policy
Integrity testing

Offer additional suggestions and recommendations for modernizing policies and regulations based on police internal affairs unit best practices, identify relevant internal affairs units in other countries, and facilitate contact as needed.

Successful candidates are required to meet the following qualifications:

U.S., Third Country National (TCN), or Local National (LN).
Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution in international relations, law enforcement, public policy, or related field (8 years professional law enforcement experience can be substituted).
Eight to twelve years of experience with U.S. law enforcement or military, experience briefing in English.
Preference of demonstrated experience working overseas in an Embassy environment.
Two years specialized experience depending on the position (e.g., intelligence, firearms, gangs, kidnapping, drugs, internal affairs).
Knowledge of, and skill in, correct usage of English grammar, spelling, punctuation, capitalization, and style.

Successful candidates will meet or exceed the following qualifications:

A Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution in social sciences, criminal justice, social and organizational development or other related field or an additional five years of relevant experience in a developing country.
Demonstrated extensive experience in internal investigations, accountability, and oversight similar to that of the Kenya National Police service structure.
Demonstrated extensive experience managing and/or directing police development programs overseas, especially in Kenya.
Demonstrated international experience working on security sector issues.
Demonstrated knowledge of contracting practices and experience in contract oversight.
Demonstrated ability to apply and communicate international policies and standards of policing while offering technical advice to Kenyan officials and representatives of international organizations.
Demonstrated ability to exercise a high degree of professional judgment, diplomacy, and tact at all times in order to build successful relationships with Kenyan partners and the international community.

The period of performance for this order will be one (01) year from the date of award with the option to exercise four (04) one-year option periods, subject to performance, need, and funding.

A Moderate Risk Public Trust (MRPT) is required for this position; however, may begin work with an interim MRPT clearance.

Offices of the Internal Affairs Unit in Nairobi, Kenya.

Travel related training may be required; however, prior authorization from the INL Contracting Officer is required.

The Advisor to the Internal Affairs Unit is contingent upon award of this Task Order.


I understand that if I am selected to move forward in the recruiting process, the responses I provide on the screening questions and/or qualifications matrix must be fully supported by my resume. I further understand that my resume must highlight all relevant years of work experience to include starting and ending dates (MM/YYYY to MM/YYYY) of employment for each position held, as they relate to this job opportunity, as well as my education (if applicable).


We, at Creative Corrections, are committed to a workplace grounded on the principles of mutual respect, encouraging various cultures and perspectives, while recognizing that we must “listen” in order to grow. It is our belief that if we foster a diverse-conscious work environment, it will assist us in recruiting, cultivating relationships, and attracting quality candidates from a diverse applicant pool. By acknowledging our differences, as well as embracing and supporting them, we believe it will not only benefit our Company but aid in our growth as a Nation.

We are also proud to establish our company as an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer. If you require assistance, or accommodation, due to a disability, please reach out to our recruiting team at [email protected]

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