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73-year-old widow, mother of 13 regret being born

Angelina Khalibwa

Angelina Khalibwa, 73, has seen it all. From visiting herbalists, conventional doctors to endless prayers. She was blessed with 13 children – five of them died mysteriously, three are mentally ill and the rest, who Khalibwa thought would grow up normally, have started exhibiting strange characteristics and are acting like zombies.

Sometimes, I think that I am bewitched. Life has become meaningless. My husband died and I have been left with the burden of raising the children single-handedly,” she says.
She went on: “I wash them and their bedding, remove jiggers from their bodies and spoon feed them like small children, just the way I used to do when they were young.

Khalibwa said her first five children died under mysterious circumstances before celebrating their sixth birthdays. She said the first and second-born died when they were just two months and three years old while asleep.

The third, fourth and fifth children died later aged between four and six years. The children would complain of dizziness, headache and loss of appetite and die shortly afterwards.

None of them was diagnosed with any health complications and they were never given any prescription save for painkillers. But their conditions would worsen whenever we returned home and that is how I lost the children one by one,” said Khalibwa.

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The National Transport and Safety Authority is conducting a five days’ exercise in Mandera which aims at issuing all qualified motorist with licenses in Mandera County.

National Transport and Safety Authority

Speaking during the exercise at Huduma Centre in Mandera East Sub County, Mandera County NTSA official Diana Mutheu said the Authority opted to offer the digital platform after realizing the raising demand for driving licenses in the area. Learn more

Source: standardmedia

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