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Deputy President William Ruto says he will resign when he wants

Deputy President William Ruto

Pushed to the periphery of a government he co-run with his boss, President Uhuru Kenyatta, Deputy President William Ruto yesterday put up a brave face, and declared that he will formally quit government at a time of his own choosing.

At a political event staged at his official residence, the DP led 100 plus lawmakers in admonishing Jubilee government failures of the last four years, blaming it all on former NASA coalition partners and their “collaborators” in Jubilee.

Donning all shades of yellow, the presumed colour code of his new political vehicle- United Democratic Alliance (UDA)- the DP camp formally announced that they have found a new home, but they won’t just quit. They danced to their own songs, flew UDA flags over the official residence, and announced that Jubilee, their former home, had collapsed.

We are not guests in any place. We join parties by choice and leave by choice. Nobody should ask why we are still here,” said Ruto when asked why he was still in a government that he believes has failed to deliver on its pre-election pledges.

The team claimed that Uhuru’s camp in collaboration with NASA principals took the Jubilee administration hostage and hijacked its agenda, leading to its present failures. In a hard-hitting statement issued after the meeting, the group accused government criminalizing small businesses in Nyamakima, Gikomba, Kamukunji and Kirinyaga Road, rendering several traders hapless with no source of income.

Ruto and his allies further accused Jubilee administration of presiding over brutal and inhuman evictions of the vulnerable in slums. They claimed that the Government rendered scores homeless by destroying their private property in places like Kariobangi, Ruai among other places. The second-in-command and his allies also accused Uhuru and his administration of running down the economy.

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