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Anglican Church of Kenya has elected its second female bishop Rose Okeno

The Anglican Church of Kenya (ACK) has elected its second female bishop, Rose Okeno, who will preside over the Butere Diocese.

In January 2021, Dr Emily Onyango, an assistant Bishop, became the first woman to hold a high-ranking position in the ACK.

Elections that saw Okeno voted in as the presiding Bishop of Butere Diocese were held on Saturday, July 31, and presided over by Bishop David Kodia of the Bondo Diocese.

In other news – Government Committed to Fight Human Trafficking

The COVID 19 pandemic has increased the number of people at risk of human trafficking as traffickers took advantage of the social and economic crisis created by the global outbreak.

Fight Human Trafficking

Speaking as the world commemorated the world day against trafficking persons, Labour and Social protection Cabinet Secretary Simon Chelugui said most resources and efforts have been directed to the fight against the coronavirus with capacity of most actors response to human trafficking greatly challenged. Learn more

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