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This is how Akorino model Carey Priscilla met her baby daddy

Akorino model Carey Priscilla met her baby daddy through Instagram.

Speaking on their YouTube channel, Benito Muriu, a fashion model, said he first saw Carey in 2016 on Instagram.

“At the time, I was a hype beast. I used to dress in the latest fashion and I noticed a lady posting pictures once in two weeks,” he said.

“I wondered who the girl was and she was Akorino and very beautiful, although the quality of her photos was a bit poor.”

After consistently liking her posts, he got her attention but Carey ignored him.

She said she thought he was a hype beast from abroad.

“I clicked on his profile and he had a huge following of over 6,000 people. I thought he was not Kenyan and so I ignored him.”

Benito started sending direct messages to her but she would ignore, forcing him to look for her phone number.

Carey said she ignored him since she was focused on life and did not want distractions.

After checking his profile, I concluded that he likes having fun and was full of hype. I said I did not want to die young. He persisted and he would send me DM every time and after two years, I responded.”

Carey Priscilla

Carey said they started talking and planned for a street shoot in Nairobi.

“She came and found me in the company of 10 people. She was uncomfortable.”

The second date was a mess as they went to a restaurant, asked for ice cream and he later realized he had no money, forcing Carey to settle the bill.

Carey said from that date, she said she was done with him. He would text her but she ignored it.

They started hanging out again as friends until he suggested being in a relationship during a lunch date that also ended dramatically.

“I couldn’t see a future in him, although I wanted a family while still young. I started looking for another man as Benito was only a friend.”

Benito recounted having saved money to treat her only for her to come angry.

“She was not serious and she looked angry. She would receive phone calls from other people amid our date and I got bored. When I asked her to be my girlfriend, she brushed me off. I left her without paying the bill.”

Carey said she later realized he was serious and started calling him since he also went mute after that encounter.

They met and discussed what each wanted in a relationship before jumping into it.

They have since grown and recently welcomed a child together. Carey is the founder of Careybeauty and also a makeup artist.


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